Dave Miller

Couverture d’ouvrage : Brewing the World's Great Beers : A Step-by-Step Guide

The only thing better than drinking a well-made traditional beer is having the satisfaction of brewing it yourself. And with today's improved ingredients and techniques, making your own beer or ale is easier than it's ever been before.


In Brewing the World's Great Beers, Dave Miller takes readers step by step through the entire brewing process, explaining in clear, concise language how to make great-tasting beer or ale -- the first time, and every time. His basic method of brewing with easy-to-use malt extracts helps beginning brewers hone their skills before moving on to more sophisticated techniques.


The book also includes 85 practical and easy-to-follow recipes -- some for beginners, some for veterans -- that capture the Old World flavor of:
-- British Ales and Stouts
-- Belgian Ales
-- American Specialties
-- German Ales and Lagers


Brewing terrific beer at home can develop into a lifelong hobby that will please not only yourself, but your family and friends. Half the fun of homebrewing involves expanding your horizons and discovering new and wonderful styles of beer from around the globe. Your adventure begins in the pages of Brewing the World's Great Beers.

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