R. T. Naylor

Couverture d’ouvrage : Bankers, Bagmen and Bandits : Business and Politics in the Age of Greed

A collection of articles from the shadowy underworld of business, the shady side of politics, and the twilight zone they share.

An eminently readable book, with outré insights into the corrupt underside of world affairs in each chapter. - Canadian Book Review Annual

Without exception, the essays make very interesting reading … Naylor’s book is an exhilarating if sometimes frightening roller coaster ride through the real world. - The Alternative Voice

Table of Contents



I. The Greening of the Corporate Boardroom: Big Oil’s Poisonous Legacy
II. Let Them Eat Petrochemicals: How Old MacDonald Sold the Farm- to the Oil Industry
III. Petrochemical Warfare: From Pesticide to Homicide in One Easy Chemistry Lesson
IV. Troubled On Oiled Waters: Are the Wily Orientals of the Oil Cartel at it Again?

V. Ronnie Reagan’s Enduring Legacy: Behind the Smokescreen of Sunny Platitudes, an Economic Disaster?
VI. What’s Good for General Dynamics is Good for the USA: How the Military Industries Wage War on the American Taxpayer
VII. Keeping it in the Family- Why Ferdinand Marcos Was Bullish on America
VIII. Buddy, Can You Spare $325 Billion? Inside History’s Biggest Financial Debacle
IX. The Permanent Bull Economy: Wall Street Sharpies Huff and Puff and Blow Their Own House In

X. Canada Gets Old Crow for Christmas: How to Fight Inflation by Making Everything Cost More
XI. The Urge to Merge: Canada’s Corporate Barons Get Busy at the Bigger Business Bureau
XII. Sanctions Busting for Fun and Profit: For Canadian Corporations in South Africa, Business as Usual

XIII. Criminal Trial, Criminal Farce: The Trial and Tribulations of Oliver North
XIV. Fighting the Cold War with Hot Cash: After the Red Sunset Over Afghanistan, a New Dark Age?
XV. Grim Harvest of Economic Warfare: Nicaragua Counts the Cost of the Contra Crusade

XVI. Predator in Power: Brian Mulroney’s Real Agenda
XVII. Meech Ado About Nothing: Why Constitutional Talks are Just High Priced Lawyer’s Twaddle
XVIII. The Smaller They Come, The Harder They Fall: Budget Choppers Take the Axe to the Welfare State
XIX. Just Another Railroad Job? Time to Put VIA Out of its Passenger’s Misery
XX. No Visa Required: American Express Gets Its Banking License By Special Delivery
ON 101 AND 401

XXI. Quebec Big Business Takes a Flight of Fancy: The Real Reason Head Offices Head West
XXII. Towards the Hydro-Republic of Quebec: Seedy Coalition Spurs Revival of the Sovereignty Option
XXIII. The Decline and Fall of Montreal: Why Canada’s Premier City is on the Slippery Slope Down

XXIV. In the High Andes: Military Fix Won’t Break Coca-Dollar Dependency
XXV. Lebanon: The Final Hostage? How the Drug Barons Hijacked a Country
XXVI. Flag of Convenience, Country of Convenience: How Panama Became the Contrabandista’s Best Friend
XXVII. Israel and the Cocaine Barons: For Israeli Mercenaries, it’s All in a Day’s Work
XXVIII. Washing Whiter than White: A Guided Tour of Money-Laundry-Land
XXIX. License to Loot: Asset Grab Laws Clear the Way for Police Riots

XXX. Peace is Breaking Out All Over: But What’s Good for General Dynamics Is Still Good for the USA
XXXI. Faith, Hope and Tax-Exempt Charity: Congress’s Deep Pockets and Israel's Long Reach
XXXII. Hellfire and Saddamnation: From Cold War to Oil War in the Middle East?

Dr. R.T. Naylor teaches economics at McGill University in Montreal. He is the author of several books including the international bestseller Hot Money.

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